Getting Started

Integrate your mailbox

Optional: can scan your inbox to check whether a mail has been delivered. Currently only O365 is supported, which you can integrate with here.


Validate new email

Optional: By default, campaigns can only be sent to the email you used to sign up, and you must first validate a new email if you wish to send to an alternative address, for example a testing account.

View campaign templates

Campaign templates are the hand-crafted email bundles selected by They are split according to attributes such as attachment type, code execution techniques, and malware family. You can view the full catalogue of templates and payloads here.


Send your first campaign

Once you know what you'd like to send, head on over to the Send Campaign screen and send your first campaign! You'll get a few optional fields for customising the campaign, but if you're impatient just hit send and watch the payloads (hopefully not) roll in!

Visualise the results

Once the campaign has been sent, you'll be automatically taken to see the results in real-time. To get back to this screen, visit the My Campaigns screen at anytime and click through to the campaign you're interested in.