Validate your email security.

Email security tools are everywhere, but how do you prove their effectiveness? lets you:

  • Understand what can reach your mailbox
  • Test your defences against real-world threat actor techniques
  • Allows you to do it all continuously, autonomously and safely
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Pick from a selection of hand-crafted campaigns.

Threat Intelligence

Emulates the tradecraft seen in real-world, email-based attacks i.e. NOBELIUM's use of DLL-launching LNKs packed into ISOs.

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Defence Evasion

Evasion techniques such as VBA Stomping, analysis resistance measures, and alternative execution methods.

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HTML Smuggling

Payloads using HTML smuggling to hide executable content, i.e. .exe and .ps1 inside HTML files.

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File Types

A broad range of file types, all benign, giving you an idea of which formats can reach your mailbox.

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VBA macros from @S3cur3Th1sSh1t's open-source OffensiveVBA collection.

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File types that can be used to deliver content that might otherwise be blocked i.e. ISOs, Zip, RAR and 7zip files.

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Pick your payloads

Send yourself payloads ranging from:

  • 100+ benign file types
  • Macro-enabled Office documents
  • The latest threat-intel examples

Confirm delivery

Optionally integrate with your O365 account (GSuite coming soon) and let it determine what was delivered. It'll even check the attachment to make sure it hasn't been stripped by your mail filters.

Visualise the results

Produce rich and engaging graphics to help you measure improvement and communicate the findings.


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